GPM produces over 450 tracts and booklets, spanning 35 languages. In some languages there is precious little Christian literature, making the GPM tracts even more valuable.

Listed below are the languages we print together with their main area of use. Some languages are linked to their own pages listing individual tracts and booklets.

All tracts and booklets have a 4 digit reference number on the back page: the first two digits show language number and the third digit indicates literacy level. If you would like to receive some tracts or booklets or further information about them please contact us. From time to time, a new language may be added; some languages discontinued, and some languages temporarily out of stock.

Language Main areas of use:
01 English Worldwide
02 Portuguese Portugal, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Angola, Mozambique
03 Spanish Spain, Canary Islands, most of Central and South America (except Brazil)
04 French France, several West African countries
05 Albanian Albania, Kosovo
06 Catalan N.E. Spain
08 Bangala N.E. Congo
10 Bulgarian Bulgaria
12 German Germany
13 Greek Greece
15 Italian Italy
17 Lingala Congo
18 Nyanja Malawi, Zambia
19 Ukrainian Ukraine
20 Polish Poland
21 Romanian Romania
22 Russian Russia – and adjoining countries
23 Bemba Zambia
24 Swahili (Congo) Congo
25 Chimborazo Ecuador
26 Baka (Sudan) Sudan
27 Zande Congo/Sudan border
28 Amharic Ethiopia
29 Karamojong Uganda
30 Yoroba Southern Nigeria
31 Umbundu Angola
32 Hausa Northern Nigeria
33 Hausa (Ajemi) Northern Nigeria
34 Crioule Guinea Bissau
36 Swahili (Union) Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
37 Luganda Uganda
41 Lukonzo Western Uganda/Congo border
44 Nepali Nepal
45 Nupe Nigeria
48 Hindi India