About us

Gospel Printing Mission was started in 1960 in a garden shed with two hand presses. Today it has a team of 11 volunteers who produce tracts and booklets in 35 languages for approximately 57 countries. The annual production is over 1 million, produced, printed and distributed free of charge, the Lord Jesus Christ meeting the various needs.

G.P.M. is a registered charity – No. 267903

G.P.M. is a member of Global Connections

Sharing the vision

We would love to share* with your church or fellowship what God’s Holy Spirit is doing through literature.

For further information or to arrange a meeting please contact us.

*U.K. only

G.P.M. Board & Referees

Board members Referees
David W. Cotton Gen. Director Dr.Steve Brady
Margaret Cotton Director Dr Ken Brownell
Lyn Clargo Hon. Director
Peter Mason Hon. Director