History of G.P.M.

A brief history of Gospel Printing Mission.

The garden shed where it all started
The garden shed where it all started

  • 1960: May 14 - Challenged by the need of Christian literature worldwide, God led David Cotton to dedicate his hobby of printing to produce basic literature for the mission fields of the world. The first 4,500 copies of one tract in Bangala for Congo (then Belgian Congo) were printed in a garden shed with two hand presses. The independence of Congo caused serious problems.
  • 1961: First 6 parcels posted to Congo against human advice - 5 months later all parcels arrived safely in N.E. Congo.
  • 1962: Printing operations moved to the basement of Cranbrook Baptist Church, Ilford, Essex. GPM made a “leap into litho” - a Rotaprint press was installed with a production speed of 3,500 per hour.
  • 1966: The number of languages increased to 21 and production of Eastern European languages commenced. Cranbrook Baptist Church was demolished because of redevelopment. After urgent prayer God answered with premises at Victoria Road Gospel Hall, Barkingside, Essex.
  • 1976: A dispatch section for Spanish and Portuguese was opened at Epping, Essex. Redevelopment yet again. God again wonderfully answered and GPM moved into our present press premises at Cumberland Road Gospel Hall, Plaistow, East London.
  • 1982: David and Margaret Cotton commenced full-time service, living by faith. Previously David Cotton had led the ministry in a very full “spare time” capacity.
  • 1986: Years of problems and breakdowns of the presses caused the team to question the possibility of a new press. Much time was spent in prayer to know God's will and He provided (in a remarkable way) a Heidelberg TOK press with a maximum speed of 10,000 per hour.
  • 1990: Perestroika & Glasnost. The door to the USSR opened. Tracts with GPM's address penetrated far inland and floods of letters arrived asking for Russian literature.
  • 1995: New type-setting equipment was installed. Again God wonderfully guided and provided.
  • 1999: Operation 'Polar Bear' - the provision of a Heidelberg Polar 66 guillotine replacing the 22 year old Victory Kidder.
  • 2002: February saw our 14 year old folding machine breathe its last. A £4,000 legacy was in funds and ear-marked gifts of over £2,000 came in by March. The new “Foldmaster 235” was installed and again God had wonderfully provided.
  • 2003: February, the 1976 Ozalid plate-maker motor failed - repairs were uneconomical. God provided a custom built replacement and refit of dark room.
  • Today: The mission continues, millions of tracts are produced and distributed each year and by the grace of God get into the hands of those who need to hear of His wonderful Gospel. He still provides for all the needs and through His provision many lives are changed.