Single Vision?

After nearly 58 years (as in 2019) ministry in GPM, words such as LEADING, DIRECTION, REVELATION and VISION can become familiar and not have the full impact that the Holy Spirit wants in me.
Recently, the Lord challenged me with several questions, here are just four of them:

  1. Do I have a single VISION of Jesus!
  2. Is it a God glorifying VISION with self-glory squeezed out?
  3. Is it a PROGRESSIVE VISION ready to receive “step by step” revelation of His will?
  4. Is it a PROPELLED VISION – so I get excited, driven along by the VISION that God has given to me, even in routine tasks?

Before we can move forward, our starting and sustaining point has to be a SINGLE VISION of Jesus.


PETER was impetuous, a man of extreme contrasts. As JESUS approaches on the water he is filled with FEAR along with the other disciples. Then, from fear to VISION. “If it’s you, tell me to come” – “COME” says Jesus. Peter, at Jesus’ invitation is out of the boat, walking on the water and is already within reach of Jesus. Picture the scene if it were today. TV cameras, newspapers… “MAN WALKS ON WATER!!!” Zoom in camera 3!!! He’s nearly done it, BUT, what’s happening? He’s sinking, it has all gone ‘pear shaped’.

So, what went wrong? While Peter was looking ahead with is eyes on Jesus his fisherman’s knowledge of the sea took over his feelings. His SINGLE VISION of Jesus was temporarily suspended. Nevertheless, Jesus continued the miracle, reaching out to him and bringing him back to the boat: only as they got into the boat did the wind die down.

What about US? There is the SUDDEN loss of SINGLE VISION, an interruption, a phone call; our plans are thrown into disarray. Our focus moves from Jesus to the problem. Then there is the more subtle loss of SINGLE VISION. Gradually we have been taking our eyes off Jesus and relying on props. ENCOURAGEMENT is great! But it must not become a substitute for a single vision of Jesus. CONFIRMATION or approval from others in what we are doing must not become a substitute for a single vision of Jesus. ACCEPTANCE into a narrow association of Christians, a club mentality can never be a substitute for a single vision of Jesus.

Is yours, is mine a SINGLE VISION of Jesus? Is it a WORSHIPPING VISION? We need to “Turn our eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.’